Troubleshooting in 3D animation


The way through final checking, composting and film output, whilst the 3D CGI production process emphasizes the design, modeling and rigging and animation stages.

Hell is here


HSP pipeline

The production pipeline detailed above is broadly in HSP , however our studio have a custom pipeline determined by the type of project that we are currently undertaking.

3D Animation

We take care of all your 3D Animation Projects includes:


Story Boarding for first takes form, Concepts for style, look, sets, characters and much more are determined

Production :

Modeling, sculpting, Painting and Texturing, Animation, Dynamics, Lighting, Rendering


Compositing, Sound Editing, Video Editing

About HSP

Hundred Studio Productions provide the best visual effects professional services - Services offered around the world for 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, feature film, television and transmedia.

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Visual effects, Motion graphic, Composite, Environments, Particle system, Modeling, Mach moving, Texture, Rigging, Photo real shading, Rendering, Painting, Composer

Ali Pourahmad manager and director of HSP company

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