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Our VFX services includes 3D dynamics and effects, particle effects, atmospheric effects, compositing, wire removals, color corrections, rotoscopy, matte cutting, logos & titles, concept design, pre-viz, look development, on-set supervision, and compositing for 3D and 2D and stereoscopic feature film and TV projects.

Even visual effects films can be very expensive because of add visual effects technique and CGI post production to this films. You need to be sure that your movie needs to VFX so, How do we navigate this problem?

ALi Pourahmad:

I believe that visual effects as an instrument for telling your stories and could lead to better budget and time on your film and projects but I hate to use VFX when some sort of practical solution would look better, be it models, miniatures, rear projection!


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Hundred Studio Productions provide the best visual effects professional services - Services offered around the world for 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, feature film, television and transmedia.

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Visual effects, Motion graphic, Composite, Environments, Particle system, Modeling, Mach moving, Texture, Rigging, Photo real shading, Rendering, Painting, Composer

Ali Pourahmad manager and director of HSP company

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